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Student Life

Check out some photos below of student events we put on throughout the year! We work hard to create opportunities for our scholars to have FUN together, in addition to the learning and growth that happen every day in our classrooms. 

Fall Festival Celebration

Our Fall Festival, with games and pumpkin decorating, the perfect way to celebrate the changing of the season and play together. 

Disability Awareness Week

Disability Awareness Week, where scholars learned about what it means to have a disability and talked about how to engage with and show respect for individuals with disabilities, and how what makes us different from one another is special! They even got to hear from Herron High School Class of 2011 graduate Ayden Jent, a United States Paralympian medalist. 

100 Days of School Celebration

100 Days of School celebration, when students got to dress up in fun outfits (some shirts with 100 buttons, 100 stickers, 100 macaroni noodles, and more!), count up to 100 together, and do fun arts and crafts to celebrate 100 days of school. 

Black History Month

Our Black History Month Expo, throughout February scholars learned all about notable black individuals in history, from Madam C. J. Walker to Muhammad Ali to Mae Jemison, to Simone Biles, and this culminated in a day long expo with posters, costumes, and each scholar gave a presentation to their fellow classmates about the historical figure they chose. 

Spring Field Day

Our Spring Field day was superhero themed, so scholars got to dress up in fun outfits and play games all day! Since our Herron Prep mascot is an owl, they also got to see some real-life wild owls up close and learn about nature, and the day was topped off with everyone's favorite: a visit from the ice cream truck! They had so much fun getting to play together to celebrate their hard work during the school year. 

Promotion Ceremony

On our last day of school, we hosted a Promotion Ceremony for all of our scholars, from Kindergarten to 2nd grade, to celebrate our first year as a school and honor our scholars as they moved on to the next grade. With their parents in the audience, they performed songs they learned in music class, as well as some international dances they learned in their dance unit, and each scholar received a diploma. It was so fun to see how much they grew during their first year at Herron Preparatory Academy, and our faculty and staff loved the opportunity to celebrate their scholars.