Enrollment FAQs - Herron Preparatory Academy

Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Herron Preparatory Academy participates in a unified enrollment effort through an organization called Enroll Indy (www.enrollindy.org) to fill seats.

What is Enroll Indy?

Enroll Indy is an organization created to streamline the application process for students and their families. Families with rising Kindergarteners, 1st, 2nd or 3rd graders fill out an application and mark Herron Preparatory Academy as their first choice to get a spot. If more students apply than there are seats available, a lottery is run to fill open seats. Families who do not get a seat in the first round, may try again in the second round if seats become available.

When will applications be accepted?

Applications will be available beginning October 29. The deadline for round 1 of enrollment is January 30.  Families must apply online at www.enrollindy.org/apply. No paper applications will be available, but families who do not have access to a computer or a mobile device may call Thomasina Colbert, Student Services Coordinator, to receive help in completing an application: 463-231-6624.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can choose up to ten schools to which to apply on the Enroll Indy application. If you are not willing to have your student attend a certain school, do NOT list that school just to fill the ten spaces. If your student will be applying to private schools or a district school, and Herron Preparatory is the only school you have an interest in within the Enroll Indy system, then list only Herron Prep. This is important to note as there are no waiting lists with the Enroll Indy system. The idea is to match students with the school they want the most within the system.

Do I have to live in a certain boundary or area to apply?

No, according to charter school law, you can live anywhere in Indiana to attend Herron Preparatory.

What happens if I put Herron Preparatory Academy as my first choice, but I do not get a seat?

If you do not receive a spot at Herron Prep during the first round, you can reapply during the second round as long as there are seats open.

When will I be notified of my match?

Families will be notified of their matches after the end of each enrollment window. A list of the remaining application and notification deadlines is below.

Round 1: October 29 – January 30 (Results available February 24)

Round 2: February 1- April 29 (Results available May 19)

What steps will I need to take to secure my spot?

A timeline for securing your spot and submitting your paperwork will be detailed when you receive your acceptance notification.

For more information, please contact Lynn House, Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment, at lhouse@indianapolisclassicalschools.org