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Comprehensive Education

Herron Preparatory Academy partners with families and the community to provide a classical, liberal arts education that integrates knowledge, inspires character, and values community service.

We believe that all children are curious and capable. We believe all students deserve a rigorous curriculum with differentiated supports in place to ensure the success of every scholar. We believe in the strength of community and intentional diversity. With the HCS Core Values Statement as our foundation for all decisions, Herron Preparatory Academy prepares students for future endeavors through a classical liberal arts education focused on multiple perspectives and critical analysis.

Key Components of a Classical Liberal Arts Education

  • Trivium: Students begin at the grammar stage of learning, move through the logic stage, and end with the rhetoric stage, thus becoming fully prepared for success at the secondary education level. For more information on the trivium, click here.
  • Literacy instruction is rooted in classical texts that build a foundation of knowledge and understanding.
  • An emphasis is placed on critical thought and Socratic, student-centered conversations.
  • Students participate in a rich curriculum that includes language arts, math, social studies, science, technology, music, visual art, theatre, & world languages for a holistic STEAM-based education.